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Why choose Fraise & Bois for your purchases?

Fraise & Bois, it’s colored toys and furniture for children. We manufacture, manufacture, pack and ship all our products from our Burgundy workshop. Each chip, screw or cardboard end passes first in our hands and those of our employees. From the beginning our history, we highlight our products as simple and effective: everything is solid, made of real beech wood, combining quality and safety. If we had to list why Fraise & Bois stands out in the world of toys and furniture for children, we'd probably do it like this:

  1. Quality and safetye: the quality of our products is our leitmotiv. We use safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials by ensuring that products meet safety standards.
  2. Original design : we offer unique and attractive toys and furniture. We create our products according to our tastes, the market, our manufacturing methods, the wood we use, etc..
  3. Local manufacturing : at home, the "Made in France" is not just a do-valoir. All our products are actually made locally. We master our whole process and all steps pass through our hands: we receive the raw material, the wood, in panels. It is discharged, it is processed, the finishes, oil or paint are applied by hand. We put in boxes, stock, put the products online, manage the customer service and we even help the delivery man load his truck!
  4. Social and environmental commitment : by adopting sustainable development practices, like the use of recycled materials, waste reduction and eco-responsible production, and by interlocking in local economic life, we make a win-win mesh for all our stakeholders.
  5. Customization and customer experience : our core business is the custom. We therefore have the opportunity to customize some toys to make them unique and special for each child. We work daily to create a positive customer experience by providing attentive customer service and offering additional benefits.
  6. Compliance with ethical standards we ensure that the working conditions of our employees are fair and fair, respecting the working standards and the rights of workers and adapting our methods to those who use them on a daily basis. We promote a corporate culture that focuses on ethics, autonomy and societal responsibility.
  7. Diversified range : our range is wide ranging from toys adapted to different ages, interests and preferences of children to furniture. We offer various products, such as colored toys, puzzles, educational games, montessori" furniture", furniture adapted to children and their evolution. Our product range is constantly changing.
  8. Transparent communication : to communicate transparently on manufacturing processes, materials used, social and environmental commitments is paramount to us. In a world of perpetual movement, it is sometimes difficult to know who we really have to do, so to allow you to make an informed purchase decision, we are available to answer all your questions.