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Fraise & Bois, this is our story!

Like all the beautiful stories, everything starts from a meeting, that of three young entrepreneurs from the Mâconnais region. Passionate exchanges around a café and a common idea that starts to germinate: working together and promoting the “Made in France”!

This is how Thibaut, carpenter, Lison, graphic designer and Robin, webmaster join together to create together the company "A 3 Mains" and the website "Fraise & Bois" after long months of work.

This association of competences on paper so far, and yet beautifully complementary, makes our strength today. Our will ? Imagine and manufacture our own products, without intermediary, in our artisanal carpentry with quality wood.

Being all three young parents, we appreciate the healthy side of wooden toys and articles, but we are often confronted with this reality: it is very difficult to find in the market real wood objects made in France. We create together the toys that we would have liked to find in the trade : French wooden toys, made in our territory and safe for the health of our children.

Each week new ideas emerge and not only result from teamwork, as some of them come from our entourage that follows us since the beginning in this incredible adventure.

Our creations are divided into three main categories : creative leisure products, games and toys, decoration and furnishing products for home, garden and our pets.

Working together and creating these beautiful wood products in our hands in Saône-et-Loire, motivates us every day. We hope to share this happiness with you and make you find the pleasure of touching and feeling this beautiful material that is wood.

Very fast!

Présentation Lison - Fraise & Bois


On her account since 2018, she intervenes in graphics & communication

His role for Fraise & Bois ? 

In addition to imagining products, it creates visuals and all derivatives to products.

Présentation Thibaut - Fraise & Bois


Artisan has been a carpenter in his account since 2011.

His role for Fraise & Bois ?

In addition to imagining products, he manufactures them in the rules of art.

Présentation Robin - Fraise & Bois


On his account since 2014, he is an expert on the web.

His role for Fraise & Bois ?

In addition to imagining products, he created and manages the e-commerce site.