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Wooden toys

Games and Toys in Raw Wood Made in France

Wooden toys

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Discover our range of wooden toys and games made in France

All of us toys and wooden games for small and large are made in France in our artisanal carpentry.We respect an eco-responsible manufacturing logic and only offer authentic toys and good quality.Our wooden toys have the advantage of lasting in time, while respecting our environment and health.A perfect gift idea for a birthday or Christmas for example. Find the pleasure of playing simply !

Wooden Awakening Games for Small

Natural wood is made of great material to develop the senses of the baby.Let your child touch a natural material, smell the smell of the forest, see the veins drawn on the wood and safe if the toy is put to the mouth.Newborns like parents will also appreciate using a awakening toy strong and without any hazards to health.The educational toys made of wood are perfect for stimulating your baby, especially advocated by Montessori pedagogy.Discover our first-age puzzles, our roulette toys and our ideas for an original birth gift.

Sustainable wooden toys for children and adults

Just like babies, children and adults will appreciate the solidity and originality of our natural wood toys, real timeless board games.Indemodible, they are ideally involved in the development of the child by making his imagination work and leaving his inventiveness free (construction games, ball games...).