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What are the standards to be met when making a toy?

The safety standards for toys are strict guidelines and regulations designed for ensuring the safety of children ' s toys. These standards aim at minimizing potential risks associated with the use of toys and protecting the health and well-being of children.

Here are some key elements of toy safety standards:

  1. Material standards Toys should not contain toxic or dangerous substances such as lead, mercury, cadmium, or harmful chemicals.
  2. Stifling risks : Toys for toddlers must be designed to avoid the risk of suffocation. Small parts must be large enough not to be swallowed.
  3. Stability : Toys should not be at risk of shifting or instability that could cause accidents.
  4. Electrical standards : Electronic toys must meet electrical standards to prevent electrical shock.
  5. Mechanical standards : Toys must be designed to avoid any risk of injury caused by mobile parts or mechanisms.
  6. Marking CE : Toys conforming to European standards must wear CE marking, indicating their compliance with safety regulations.
  7. Recommended age : Toys must be labeled with a recommended age to help parents choose toys suitable for age and child development.
  8. Warnings : Toys must include appropriate warnings to inform parents and children of potential risks associated with the use of toy.

In summary, toy safety standards are essential for ensure that commercialized toys are safe to use by children. Manufacturers, distributors and regulatory authorities work together to ensure that toys meet these standards to protect the health and safety of children.

In Europe, it is European Directive on Toy Safety (Directive 2009/48/CE) that makes faith. This directive sets general safety requirements for toys sold in the European Union, including criteria related to materials, design, stifling risks, chemical substances, etc. This is the cE marking the product that guarantees compliance with this directive. And more specifically to toys, it’s the whole of the eN71 which specifies security requirements.

Home Fraise & Bois, the safety of our products is paramount. All our products are first tested at the workshop and comply with all the rules of the art of our profession, and the standards in force. CE marking is present on all our toys.