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Our environmental impact

Home Fraise & Bois, we are in the heart of take care of our environment. It passes through a multitude of small common actions, as with more global and strategic choices.

Here are some examples:

  1. we share our workshop with a general carpentry. This allows us to share equipment and machinery, pool needs and resources, and a significant reduction in our environmental impact.
  2. we recycle our cardboard by transforming it into a layer for our packages: we reuse an important raw material by shredding it, in addition to avoiding a large volume of waste, we avoid using more resources by purchasing calage.
  3. we minimize our fall of wood : we optimise the use of our raw material and we reuse all possible wood. For example, we minimize the forms to be worked out to have the least possible material loss. All the remaining small falls, unusable for the manufacture of our products, are used as heating wood.
  4. we use local straw in the boxes of our toys. In addition to being natural and ideal to protect wooden toys, it comes from a farm less than 20 kilometers from the workshop. It is recyclable and compostable by the final customer.
  5. almost everything in our packages is recyclable or recycled : wood, cardboard, straw.. Some of our products, especially furniture, are packed in bubble paper to ensure its protection during transport in particular. Although now this plastic paper is recyclable in yellow bins, we try to limit its use to the strict necessary.
  6. we reflect on the environmental impact of our products, especially in their journeys. In the case of VAS, for example, we always offer a refund of a portion of the product price in the first trade, which avoids a return to the product that weighs its carbon footprint.