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Furniture and storage

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Furniture and storage furniture made in France

Browse our range wooden storage furniture to accompany you daily. Etagères murs and small furniture solid wood await you on Fraise & Bois for practical but also aesthetic storage.

We are delighted to present our varied range of products, all made in France with the highest quality beech wood. Our solid and durable products will add a natural and warm touch to your interior.

Discover our selection of'wooden shelves door and watch holders. Each piece is carefully designed to combine functionality and aesthetics. Our wooden shelves offer a convenient storage space while bringing a touch of elegance to your interior. Wooden racks add a discreet touch of style to your entrance hall or room, offering a convenient place to suspend your clothes. The watch holders, for their part, help highlight your favourite watches while keeping them well organized.

We attach great importance to the sustainability of our products. By choosing our furniture and wooden articles made in France, you opt for solid and durable items, designed to resist the test of time. Beech wood, carefully selected, is a renewable and environmentally friendly resource, making it an ecological and responsible choice.

We are proud to offer you a selection of small wooden furniture, made in France with passion and know-how. Each piece is the fruit of careful craftsmanship, guaranteeing exceptional quality and lasting satisfaction.

Explore our online collection to find the perfect wooden pieces that will add a natural and authentic touch to your interior. If you have specific questions or requests, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is here to help you create a unique and warm space thanks to our top quality beech wood products.

Choose wooden furniture and decoration that combines aesthetic, functionality and durability. Trust the natural beauty of beech wood to bring a warm and timeless atmosphere to your home.

Want a touch of nature and originality? Discover for example our wall lilian cactus.