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What should be careful before buying furniture for children?

When buying furniture for children, several important aspects must be taken into account to ensure the safety, comfort and optimal development of the child.

Here are some elements to consider:

  1. Security : Security is paramount when it comes to child furniture. Make sure the furniture meets the security standards in force in your country, especially in terms of stability, lack of sharp edges, wall fixation for high furniture, etc. Avoid furniture with removable parts that may represent a stifling risk. Home Fraise & Bois, all our furniture are CE certified, designed and manufactured in our burgundy workshop. Our children are even the first testers of all our furniture!
  2. Size and ergonomics : Choose furniture adapted to the size and age of the child. Chairs, chairs tablesoffices and beds must be proportioned to provide adequate comfort and facilitate the independence of the child. Opt for adjustable furniture in height or scalable to accompany the growth of the child. This is the case at home Fraise & Bois for our Montessori observation tower for example, it turns into footsteps once the child is larger.
  3. Quality materials : Avoid furniture made from durable, non-toxic and easy to clean materials. Natural materials such as wood, bamboo or plastic without BPA are often preferable. Avoid furniture with potentially harmful chemical coatings. Home Fraise & Bois, we exclusively use beech wood, worked in the rules of art. The finishes applied on all our furniture are certified EN71-3, the most restrictive and secure standard for the child.
  4. Functionality : Think about the intended use of furniture. Find furniture offering practical storage solutions for toys, clothing, books, etc. Modular or versatile furniture can be advantageous to adapt to the changing needs of the child, as is the case with our library Madeleine.
  5. Esthetics and sensory stimulation : Child furniture can help create a pleasant and stimulating environment. Choose attractive, colourful and child-friendly designs. Interesting textures, playful motifs or integrated sensory elements can also promote the sensory development and imagination of the child.
  6. Sustainability and ease of maintenance : Opt for robust and durable furniture that will withstand intensive use and the passage of time. Make sure they are easy to clean and maintain, as children can sometimes be dirty. Home Fraise & Bois, our furniture is easy to clean, a simple wet linen allows to remove all traces of felt or modeling paste (tempered and approved in the games room!). The wood in addition to being natural and very sturdy, also allows to be indefinitely repairable: a steep corner, a striped furniture, everything repairs, we are also there for all after-sales service.
  7. Respect for the environment : If you are sensitive to environmental issues, you can look for green furniture options, made from recycled materials or from sustainable sources. Home Fraise & Bois, we pay maximum attention to our environmental impact : we minimize our fall of wood, we reuse our raw material to the maximum, we reuse all our cardboard as layering in the packages, we avoid as much as possible unnecessary return trips for parcels, etc

It is also essential to take into account the available budget and the space available in your home when purchasing child furniture. Take the time to compare options, read reviews and find out what brands are known to offer quality products tailored to the needs of children.