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Our great report on TF1: the challenges of Made in France

TF1 / Fraise et Bois

In the universe of furniture for children Montessori, our brand is distinguished by its commitment to quality, creativity and Made in France. Recently, our beautiful adventure was highlighted during a large report on TF1, where the cameras captured the strong moments of our Made in France challenge and the genesis our furniture for children, Édouard.

Through this article, let's dive together behind the scenes of our workshop, where every piece of furniture comes to life in our expert hands.

The challenge of producing furniture for children Montessori made entirely of wood in France is born of our desire to offer simple and effective furniture that can be mastered in the entire manufacturing process. Our commitment to quality and respect for the environment has motivated us to pursue the adventure. From the careful choice of wood essences to the ergonomic design, to the artisanal realization, each step was carefully thought to offer our small customers as aesthetic as well as functional furniture.

At the heart of our adventure, Edouard stands out as the result of our passion and expertise. Designed specifically to meet the needs of children according to Montessori pedagogy, this handwasher combines practicality and aesthetics. Thanks to the exclusive images of the reportage, you can discover our manufacturing behind-the-scenes: each stage of creation, up to the natural size test by our small testers and the first deliveries. In addition to our beautiful Mâconnaise region, discover Dispano, our historical supplier, where we supply wood for all our productions.

The report on TF1 was an opportunity to show the backdrop of our workshop. Far from automated production lines, our artisanal process gives our creations an unmatched authenticity and quality.

Beyond the simple manufacture of furniture, our brand is distinguished by its ethical commitment. Choosing our furniture is opting for unique pieces, designed with love and dedication. In addition, the local origin of our materials and artisanal manufacturing help reduce our carbon footprint, thereby strengthening our commitment to sustainability.

Our passage on TF1 was an opportunity to share our passion for creation of Montessori furniture for children, made with care and love in our workshop in France. Edward, the hand washroom, embodies all these values. By choosing our creations, you choose much more than just a piece of furniture: you invest in the education and well-being of your children, while supporting a responsible and sustainable approach. Welcome to the magical and benevolent universe of our brand, where every piece of furniture tells part of our story.