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Promotions? Yes, but with parkimony!

Home Fraise & Bois, you will not see any promotions to -70%, or offers "a purchased, a offered", or other toxic commercial practice. We will detail our position on this.

A purchase price, as we see it, should meet the simple equation: Final price = raw material price + human working + company charges + margin

Unfortunately, we all have the habit of seeing very different practices, whether on the internet or in physical shops: barrate prices, huge discounts, commercial matraquing, etc. All these commercial practices can be toxic for several reasons:

  1. Handling of prices : In some cases, the original selling prices may be artificially inflated before the application of the reduction, which gives the impression of a significant discount while the product was already sold at a higher price than its actual value. This misleads consumers and creates a false perception of economies.
  2. Compromised quality and durability : When prices are excessively reduced, it is possible that the quality of products is sacrificed to maintain profit margins. Manufacturers can use less quality materials, reduce production costs or neglect safety standards, which can compromise the sustainability and safety of products.
  3. Incentive to impulsive purchase : Large cuts can encourage consumers to buy products that they don't really need or that do not meet their expectations, simply because the price is attractive. This can lead to impulsive procurement and a waste of resources.
  4. Effect on small businesses : Aggressive reduction practices can have a negative impact on small businesses that cannot compete with large firms in terms of price reduction capacity. This can lead to a concentration of the market in the hands of some dominant players, at the expense of diversity and competition.
  5. Devalorization of products and brands : Excessive use of reductions can devalue products and brands. Consumers can combine low prices with lower quality and lower value products. This can affect the reputation and perception of long-term brands.
  6. Effect on profit margins : Significant reductions can reduce the profit margins of companies, which can have consequences for their profitability and ability to invest in innovation, product quality and services to customers.

All reductions are not necessarily bad. As in many subjects, it is the excess that is harmful. Legitimate promotions and reductions can be beneficial to consumers and businesses when based on ethical, transparent and fair trade practices, without deception or sacrifice of the quality of products.

Home Fraise & Bois, all our prices are established at the most fair, taking into account the price of return, that is, the price of raw materials, our labor, our expenses and all the costs that are added to make in France, with quality wood and our margin, that which allows us to live as a company. We try as often as possible to make targeted and legitimate discounts to highlight an entire product or range for example.