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Top 7 birth gift ideas to offer

The choice of ethical birth gifts is increasingly taken by many people concerned with the environmental and social impact. Here's one top 7 ethical birth gifts :

  1. Organic cotton clothing : Opt for baby clothing made from organic cotton, which is grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. These clothes are softer for the delicate skin of the baby and reduce it'ecological footprint.
  2. Eco-responsible toys Search for natural wood toys or recycled materials, free from harmful chemicals. Ethical and sustainable toys are an excellent alternative to traditional plastic toys. Home Fraise & Bois, you will find everything a selection of colored toys. The very nice little one for a gift of birth, it is to customize the toy to the child’s first name. You will be sureoffer a unique gift that the baby will use for several years.
  3. Washable strains : The washable layers are an ecological and economic option compared to disposable layers. They significantly reduce waste and are often made from durable and non-toxic materials. Having a birth gift would allow many parents to try out this alternative.
  4. Natural baby care products : Offer baby care products made from natural and organic ingredients. Look for lotions, soaps and towels without aggressive chemical substances.
  5. Scalable and sustainable gifts : The ideal to offer as a gift of birth is a evolving gift which will last in time and will allow to follow the baby for long years adapting to its development. For example, at home Fraise & Bois, our observation tower Montessori Alix helps the little one to be at the level of a work plan or a bathroom furniture to discover a whole world of autonomy, and this same observation tower will adapt to its growing size, until it turns into footsteps for the tallest.
  6. Original gift and souvenir generator : To make fun of the whole family, the gifts that make it possible to freeze a moment of birth are very appreciated. For example, an imprint kit to remember the smallness of the hands of the newborn, a good for a photo shoot at a photographer, a jewel engraved on the first baby, etc. Home Fraise & Bois, we offer cubes letters to form the first name of the baby, it is an original decoration for a child’s room. We also have birth cubes Camille. They allow to illustrate in a playful way the advance of pregnancy and then the age of baby on the souvenir photos.
  7. Donations to charitable organizations for children : Instead of buying a material gift, consider donate on behalf of the baby to a charity dedicated to helping children in need. This helps to support important causes while transmitting values of empathy and solidarity.

When choosing ethical birth gifts, think about looking for products that are ethically manufactured and that meet fair trade standards. By choosing environmentally friendly gifts and workers' rights, you help create a more sustainable world for future generations.