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What is a child observation tower? ?

One child observation tower is a structure specially designed to allow them to rise and observe their environment from a secure height. She offers a fun and educational experience, promoting the development of motor skills, imagination and curiosity of children.

An observation tower or tower Montessori is usually built from solid and durable materials, such as wood, plastic or metal. It is designed to be stable and secure, with appropriate safety measures, such as ramps, barriers or anti-slip surfaces.

The structure of the observation tower is often composed of an elevated platform on which children can mount. It is usually equipped with side walls to avoid falls and a ladder, stairs or ramp to allow children to access the platform safely. Some models may also include a railing or railing around the platform for additional protection.

The learning tours are often used in playgrounds, public parks, schools and especially at home. They offer children an enriching experience by allowing them to see the world from a different perspective and to develop their sense of exploration and autonomy.

Our observation tower Alix has been designed to allow children tobe up to a kitchen work plan, a bathroom furniture, a table, etc... Its sleek design will integrate best into all the rooms of the house. Home Fraise & Bois, we also have a heart to create scalable furniture, who will follow the families for years. In addition to a solid and durable wood, we thought the observation tower to fit the growing child: several heights are available for walks, so that the tower is as suitable for a toddler as for a larger child. And the real plus of Alix is that the bodyguard dismantles to turn the observation tower into step footsteps. Safe use of baby to adult!

An observation tower is considered to be an ideal purchase for a child for several reasons:

  1. Encouraging independence : An observation tower allows the child to be autonomous and participate in daily activities. By placing at a suitable height, the child can participate in tasks such as cooking, preparing the table, brushing his or her teeth or washing his or her hands, without constantly needing help from an adult.
  2. Development of self-confidence : Using an observation tower, the child feels more involved and valued. fHe develops a sense of confidence in his abilities and in his ability to perform tasks by himself. This helps to strengthen self-esteem and confidence in its skills.
  3. Promote learning and exploration : By being over-elegated, the child has a different perspective of his environment. He can observe and explore the world around him from a higher point of view, which stimulates his curiosity and his sense of observation. An observation tower also offers opportunities to discuss, learn new things and develop language by interacting with adults during activities.
  4. Development of motor skills and coordination : Rising and descending from the observation tower, moving on the platform and engaging in various activities involves motor skills and coordination. Using a regular observation tower can help improve the muscular strength, balance and overall coordination of the child.
  5. Creating a secure space : Observation towers are generally designed to ensure the safety of children. This allows parents to provide a secure environment for their children when they participate in daily activities.

In summary, an observation tower offers a child an enriching experience which promotes self-reliance, cognitive development, motor skills and confidence in him. It creates a secure space where the child can be active, engaged and valued in daily activities.