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The Little Misses

Small misses - Downgraded or damaged products

The Little Misses

Small wolves: defects but functional products!

Our craft is craftsmanship, our raw material wood, it sometimes involves nodes in wood, human errors, machining defects, brilliance but also serial purposes.

As is the case in some food chains and especially ugly fruit and vegetables, find here the products we cannot sell at the normal rate because they have one or a few defects.

Rest assured, they are functional!This is most often about appearance defects like a shine on the wood, a scratch or a paint defect on a toy.Find in each product sheet the detail of the fault(s) and enjoy a reduced rate on all our little wolves!

Why buy our little wolves?

Because they're functional, it's an antigaspi act and it is important for us to value these products.This therefore allows for support a small french company while doing a responsible act that avoids waste and waste.

This is the logical continuation of our approach that we wish to be as committed as possible.